Valentine’s Day with the Mona 2 by LELO

I was honored recently with the opportunity to try out a top of the line toy from Eden Fantasys. I spent the better part of my evening pouring through the website, reading detailed reviews and even asking a few people for their personal opinions. With so much to choose from, I have to say this was not an easy decision. Ultimately, I chose the Mona 2 by Lelo and I couldn’t be happier.

If you haven’t shopped Eden Fantasys for yourself, I highly recommend their site. It’s easy to navigate and they carry the widest range of intimate products on the web, but what makes Eden Fantasys truly unique is it’s sense of community. While that might sound like an odd feature to have on an adult retail website, I found it both useful and frankly, fun! You can ask other community members questions, read their thoughts on a product and even watch video reviews to get a better idea on things like size, color or shape. I’ve never felt more confident in making a selection because I had all the answers at my fingertips.


My Mona 2 arrived in a nondescript brown box- absolutely nothing to let your neighbors know what goodies might be inside. Inside of that was this bright pink box. I chose to get the Mona 2 in Pink because I think it’s a fabulous color but also to help me celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Inside of the pink outer box, there is a much sturdier black box with a lid. The presentation by LELO is nothing short of luxurious. Whenever I mentioned this toy to a girlfriend, her exact words were “Ooh! LELO is high end!”. While this is my first LELO toy, I completely agree. Everything about the presentation screams luxury and “high end”. At the end of the box, there is a little compartment that houses all the accessories that come with the Mona 2.


The Mona 2 Pleasure Object (as it is named) comes with all the bells and whistles.


This toy (and many larger toys by LELO) is chargeable. This means no more fussing with batteries or worrying about batteries corroding should you forget to remove them when you’re not using the toy. This is the first chargeable toy I’ve ever owned and it came as a total revelation to me. I don’t think I can go back! The Mona 2 takes roughly 1-2 hours to charge and the back lights of the buttons will light up and blink during the charging process. When it’s fully charged, the light changes to a steady, soft white light. The charge will last about 4 hours and it can hold this charge for up to 90 days.


The charging port is located at the base of the “handle” of this toy and has a soft silicone stopper. Depending on how you choose to hold the Mona 2 while using it, this stopper can come out. I find that is almost always the case with me, but it’s never something I notice while it’s “in action”, just something I’ve noted afterwards several times. The Mona 2 is fully waterproof though the manual warns that you should not fully submerge the toy. I imagine this small opening is not meant to have water in it.


Lelo products also come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. So far, I’m really impressed with the quality, but even more than that, I’m always happy when a company will stand behind the products they sell. On the back of this card is all my information to register my Mona 2.


I also received a manual, a sample of water based lubricant and this silky bag for storage. So far, I’ve been keeping mine in the box how it came. Everything fits neatly inside and you could also remove the inserts from the box you’d be able to fit a few other toys and accessories in the box. This bag is a great accessory to have if you’re traveling and planning to take your Mona 2 along with you. With the buttons on the base, you might think that the Mona 2 is an embarrassing air port story waiting to happen, but you can easily lock the controls by holding down the + and – button at the same time until the buttons light up, then release. You unlock the controls by repeating the process.


The controls on the Mona 2 are fairly easy to navigate. There are no on/off or power buttons so to get started, you simply press the + button. From there, you can control the power by pressing the + and – to get your desired speed. There are 6 speed settings on the Mona 2. Most people rated this toy a 4 out of 5 in terms of speed (called vrooms on the Eden Fantasys website) and I’d agree. Personally, I found this toy to be too powerful for me on “high”. It’s got a lot of kick! This is a huge plus though because the settings also allow for gentle vibrations, you just never know when you’ll need that extra vroom! The Mona 2 is whisper quiet, especially for such a powerful vibration and is rated a 2 in “bees” on the website as well. One reviewer noted that while you could hear the Mona 2 if you’re in the same room with it, it’s nearly undetectable from another room in the same house. Very discrete.

The control pad buttons will light up anytime any of the four buttons is pressed. This is great for nighttime use, but also just a cute touch. The light is a soft white light so it’s gentle on the eyes.

There are also 8 pattern setting programed into the Mona 2. While patterns are something I could take or leave in a toy, I found some of these to be very interesting. From pulsing and revving to some pretty intricate patterns, there is a setting for every taste.


On to the main attraction ;) The Mona 2 is made for G-spot stimulation but with it’s smooth, ergonomic shape, it can easily be used for external stimulation as well. This toys full length is 7 3/4″ while the insertable length (namely the pink, silicone coated area)  is just over 5″.  At it’s widest points, this vibe is 1 1/4″ wide. The insertable length is made of silicone covered hard plastic. There is no give or bendability. Because this toy is made with silicone, you will need to be sure and use only water based lubricants as anything that is silicone based can break down the silicone coating over time.


Both the shape and the texture of the Mona 2 are comfortable. The silicone is very soft with only one (hardly noticeable) seam running vertically down the middle the silicone.  Overall, I found the Mona 2 to be powerful, appealing to the eye and wonderfully shaped. I can see myself purchasing another toy from LELO in the near future!

Eden Fantasys was generous enough to also offer a gift card for a giveaway! You can enter below to win a $25 gift card good for anything on their website! Good Luck!

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