Durex Love Pack Giveaway


Durex sent us a bunch of items to give out! 1 lucky winner will receive a gift bag full of goodies that includes:

  • Avanti Bare Latex Condoms – 12 Pack
  • Extra Sensitive Condoms – 12 Pack
  • Performax Intense Condoms – 12 Pack
  • Performax Intense Condoms – 3 Pack
  • Love Box (Includes 3 Condoms)
  • Ring of Bliss Vibrating Ring
  • Durex Play Vibrations Ring
  • Delight Vibrating Bullet
  • Utopia Female Arousal Gel
  • Sex Coupons
  • Lube Samples
  • Foreplay Dice
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  1. having issues adding my twitter name on the sweepstakes even though im following

  2. Merry Graham says:

    :0) Hope to win espeically after liking all these other pages! :0)

  3. Krysa Scoggins says:

    I would love to win this! ;)

  4. Shannon Cross says:

    Any of it. In this economy free contraception is particularly awesome :)

  5. All of it, but I think the sex coupons will be fun!

  6. I’m most excited to win all the condoms! I’m having the essure permanent birth control done in 3 weeks and after we have to use condoms for 3 months. I haven’t bought condoms in years bc I was either on the pill or pregnant with our 2 sons. Oh and the arousal gel. That way we’ll be stocked up and ready to have some fun! :-) Thank you for this chance!

  7. Cassandra Burns says:

    I love it all, but would love to try the Ring of Bliss Vibrating Ring! Always looking for new & interesting things to incorporate into the sex life!

  8. Marissa Stapleton says:

    All of it would be awesome! But I think the coupons and dice would be extra fun! ;) thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Terrie Slocum says:

    The vibrating rings.

  10. Using it all with my husband :)

  11. crystal kelley says:

    the genre of the giveaway

  12. natasha tucker says:

    i am most excited for the ring of bliss vibrating ring. :)

  13. Can’t go wrong with free contraception!

  14. Erica Mitchell says:

    Mostly looking forward to all the condoms, me and my SO go through them like candy lol xD also looking forward to that vibrating ring, always looking to add new things to spice it up a bit ^_^

  15. Heather Pfingsten says:

    I am most excited about the bullet!

  16. Elana Kahn says:

    I really want to use those foreplay dice…sounds intriguing!

  17. jodie risner says:

    Delight Vibrating Bullet

  18. Brandy Forsythe says:

    I’m excited about the free condoms!

  19. Jennifer M. says:

    Ooooh! I want the Ring of Bliss! YES PLEASE! Plus, I’m about to get my IUD taken out… we’re going to need the condoms. Thanks for the chance! =)

  20. Delight Vibrating Bullet – sounds enticing!

  21. Either of the vibrating rings. I am tired of being the guinea pig in trying new “toys”, it is time my hubby gets to try things out, LOL

  22. Would love to have this!

  23. Patricia Mohl says:

    Dice game sounds fun

  24. Deanna Eller Edn says:

    Would love to win all of it, but look the most forward to winning the vibrating rings or the bullet.

  25. The ring of bliss would be amazing we dont have much and cant afford more of anything and this would be the most amazing bday present to give hubby lol

  26. Erica Mitchell says:

    excited about everything!

  27. The ‘Ring of Bliss’ sounds fantastic!!

  28. Foreplay dice!

  29. Ring of Bliss Vibrating Ring

  30. Kellz Kreations says:

    Thank you for adding me to you group and thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

  31. Cayla Toering says:

    Im excited for the delight vibrating bullet!

  32. Amy Moncrief says:

    The bullet

  33. Amanda Mills says:

    the vibrating rings would be fun!! Condoms would’ve been good this summer we are expecting twins now! LOL Can use them later though!

  34. The bullet…what else :) Seriously, the gift set is VERY nice!

  35. Erica Mitchell says:

    hmmm, those foreplay dice look/sound interesting :0

  36. free condoms!

  37. Vibrating Ring!

  38. Denise Scarbrough says:

    Arousal Gel!!

  39. Ashley Colby says:

    I am most excited about the vibrating rings !

  40. I’m most excited about the sex coupons! Sounds like fun.

  41. Never remember to take my pill and can afford the ring anymore – would be SO happy to win some condoms and some extras!

  42. Patricia Mohl says:

    The Foreplay Dice sound fun.

  43. Maybe Amber says:

    The arousal lube!

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